Pastor Gift O. Aigbe is an anointed teacher of the word of God and gives seminars on the subject of “Ever Growing Faith.” Many churches and Christian groups have been tremendously blessed by these seminars.

We need FAITH pertaining to our needs and godliness. Presently, the whole world is in a state of fear and confusion. This is why the teaching on FAITH is very important.

This seminar will teach you how to apply your FAITH in order to tap from God. What works better for you? Someone who gives you fish or someone who teaches you how to fish?

Please feel free to call Pastor Gift at 0711-7560369, mobile: 0152-01869905 or send an email to giftaigbe @ arcor. de to book an appointment to minister on the subject of FAITH in your church or group.

Below are the outlines covered on the subject of “Ever Growing Faith”:


Ever Growing Faith

Section 1 (First day)

Every human being has faith
What is faith
The authority of the word of God.
The mustard seed faith.
Faith is measurable

Short Break

Section Two

Human senses and the application of faith.
How can we apply our faith?
Hope and the application of faith
Your miracle is in your mouth.
What to do if our problems persist?
Some enemies of faith.

Section Three (Second day)

Faith for healing,
Casing out the spirit of infirmities.
The revelation of faith
What is the prayer of faith?
Faith is a winner
Boldness when applying your faith
The force of faith
You have need of patience.

Section Four

The secret power of iniquity
Strategy for deliverance

Questions and Answers

Short Break

Section Five

With God all things are possible
Anything you have faith to believe God for, is what He will do for you

Deliverance Service

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